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To be truly great at something, you must first set your bearing toward a specific philosophical mark.  For us, that direction is to seek continual and validated improvement in our breeding program, with our aim-point squarely aligned with the American Kennel Club (AKC) standards. Over the years, many have hailed a plethora of “new and improved” conformational changes.  But the truth is, not everything that’s “new” is “improved”.  In roughly 100 years, various styles have come and gone according to the whims of individual breeders or the fashion trends set by the next leading show special.  But the standards rarely change, and it’s those anchors that steady our breeding decisions. We do not breed to impress judges nor to exemplify our personal tastes, always holding to what the written standards dictate.  Health is also a major consideration, and we do not compromise when it comes to producing sound offspring.  We average less than one litter per year, and thus do not spawn fodder for the pet market.  But of those we have, many have done well, earning honors in numerous venues across the US as well as abroad. Through this dedication to quality, it is our hope that over time, the true value of the Aircastle line will be found in how well we’ve conserved the form, function, health and tradition of these incredible breeds.
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In Pursuit of Excellence The key to quality breeding is to try and produce dogs  that are as close to each written breed standard as  possible.  That is for what we strive and it is the criteria  by which our dogs are bred and measured.    The comparison to the right is an example of our  breeding program.  On the left is UCH Aircastle’s Hope  Diamond, and on the right, the head study from the AKC  illustrated standard.  Need I say more?