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To be truly great at something, you must first have a set direction and an aim-point somewhere on the horizon.  The direction of Aircastle is to seek continual improvement in the Standard Poodle as a breed, and our aim-point is squarely focused on the American Kennel Club (AKC) standard.
Over the years, there have been many traits noted as “new and improved”.  But the truth is, not everything that’s “new” is “improved”.  In roughly 100 years, our breed has had it’s directional document well defined; yet styles come and go based on the whims of various breeders, or with the fashion trends of the next leading show special.
We do not breed for the judges, nor do we breed to our personal tastes.  We breed an average of less than one litter per year, and thus do not produce an overabundance of champions.  But of those we have produced, many have done quite well, earning honors in various venues, here as well as outside of the U.S.
Though the prevailing opinions of our fancy may drift, the standard is our anchor.  And it is our hope that over time, the true value of the Aircastle line will be found in how well we’ve conserved the form, function, and tradition of this incredible breed, the Standard Poodle.
Poodles are not our only passion, however.  We also raise and show Doberman Pinschers.  While we do not breed our Dobes, nor are our Dobie boys at public stud, we do enjoy discovering and drawing out those occasional gems that bring both joy to our hearts, and honor to our kennel.

Quality Before Quantity”

Book Cover Text Box: The key to quality breeding is to try and produce dogs that are as close to the standard as possible.  That is what we strive for, and it is the criteria by which our dogs are judged.
The comparison above is an excellent example of our breeding program.  On the left is GrCH Aircastle I see Myself In You, and on the right, the head study as taken from the AKC illustrated standard.  Need I say more?
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Text Box: Unless specifically noted, all of the Poodles pictured on this website were either bred and whelped by Aircastle Standard Poodles, or were derived directly from the Aircastle line. 
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